Port of Amsterdam

The port in fact belongs to the municipality or city of Amsterdam under whose instructions Port of Amsterdam manages, operates and develops the port. The main aim is stimulating economic activity and employment in the entire Amsterdam port region.

The Masterplan of the North Sea Canal Area

The Masterplan of the North Sea Canal Area is a cooperation between the municipalities of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Haarlemmerliede & Spaarnwoude, Velsen, Zaanstad, the Chamber of Commerce, Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management North-Holland, Zeehaven IJmuiden, Corus and the Province of North Holland.

RON NV (Regional Development Company Greater Amsterdam)

RON NV (Regional Development Company Greater Amsterdam) initiates the development of new industrial port areas and the redevelopment of existing areas in a sustainable way. The RON is a central link within an unique public private partnership of the communities of Amsterdam, Velsen, Beverwijk, Zaanstad, the Province of North Holland and privately owned Corus Steel, Zeehaven IJmuiden, ABNAMRO Bank and Business Association Region Amsterdam (ORAM).

Zeehaven IJmuiden NV

Zeehaven IJmuiden NV, the privatised former Staatsvissershavenbedrijf (IJmuiden Fishing Port Authority) is the private manager, developer and owner of the Port of IJmuiden. The sea, the mouth of the North Sea Canal and the presence of four clusters of activity (fish, offshore, ferry and cruise shipping and shortsea) are the strong points of the port.

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