Amsterdam Ports Real Estate

AmsterdamPorts Real promotes available property for port related-, industrial- and logistic purposes in the Ports of Amsterdam. The website aims to enhance optimization of demand and supply of commercial real estate in the port area.

AmsterdamPorts Real provides an up to date overview of available property. By using a friendly search engine the user can explore an extensive database. Prospects can obtain relevant information of property objects and are able to contact the real estate agencies directly. The website is accessible for all internet users and is free of charge.

AmsterdamPorts Real is a joint initiative of Port Authorities and Real Estate Agencies.

The website provides an overview of:

  • Existing property objects for rent or for sale.
  • New property developments, both lots and objects under construction, available in the area of the Ports of Amsterdam.

Better knowledge of the property market supports the Port Authorities in their strive for a steady and sustainable development of the Ports of Amsterdam.
In North Western Europe the Ports of Amsterdam are the 4th largest port area.

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